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Journey Cart Holidays is one stop for European and other rail pass and ticket. It's smart to correctly compare rail passes that match best for your route and distance of travel. We offer the best advice on rail pass for budget-friendly train holiday for Europe, Japan & other destinations.

Whether for the efficiency of high speed, the abundant comfort, the scenery or the attractive prices, traveling by train is an unique experience. If you haven’t decided how to travel for your next trip, we’ve put together 5 compelling reasons to choose the train for travel.

  1. City-center to City-center
  2. Comfort
  3. Unique Experience
  4. Save Money
  5. Be Green

What is a rail pass?

  1. A Rail Pass allows you unlimited travel on the rail networks of the countries covered.
  2. They are usually the best value if your itinerary includes three or more journeys.
  3. There is a wide range of passes: from the Eurail Global Pass (covering 28 countries) to passes covering only one country. A pass is also flexible, allowing you to choose when you travel within a set period of time.
  4. Discounts offered: Children, Youth, Senior and Saver (for 2 or more people travelling together).
  5. Children travel for free on most passes.
  6. Passholder fares provide travellers with a discount on trains requiring reservations.

Rail passes make traveling by train a breeze. Offering flexibility, bonuses – including reduced or free fares on ferries, cruises, private trains, hotels, museums and other attractions, plus local discounts. Do you know where you’ll be traveling in Europe, USA, Japan, Canada or Korea? Great! We’ve made it easy for you to find rail passes available for each country in Europe and the world over. Simply find the country you’ll be traveling in and we will furnish you with the rail pass options available through us. There’s plenty to choose from, including Eurail Select and Global, BritRail, Eurail France Pass and Swiss Travel Passes, Korail, Japan Rail pass and lots more. Traveling with a rail pass is like traveling with a great companion who helps you keep your budget on track.

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