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Tashkent Getaway - Uzbekistan Tour Package
family tours, shopping, nature, culture

Not many people can find Uzbekistan on a map. Uzbekistan is for you if you prefer old story, mesmerizing ancient architecture, hospitality, rich pilav with crispy bread, and organic fruits and vegetables produced under the bright sun. The best tours in Uzbekistan take you to some of the magnificent cities of the Silk Road: Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and more. Tour the UNESCO World Heritage sites Ichan-Qala fortress, the historic center of Bukhara, and Registan Square, the heart of ancient Samarkand where little has changed over centuries. Uzbekistan vacation offers an ideal escape in the deserts of Central Asia. Come and start this Silk route tour which is blessed with diverse landscapes. Avail best offers on Uzbekistan vacation tour package.

Uzbekistan Explorer - Uzbekistan Holiday Package
Tashkent, Bukhara
family tours, shopping, culture

Uzbekistan is famous for its architecture and Silk Road history. Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva never disappoint to awe guests with their astounding mosques, medressas and tombs, while its unusual attractions, such as the quick disappearing Aral Sea. The fortresses of desperately remote Karakalpakstan, its boomtown capital Tashkent and the ecotourism opportunities of the Nuratau mountains, mean that even the most diverse tastes can be catered for. Despite being a harshly governed police state, Uzbekistan remains an extremely friendly country where hospitality remains an essential element of daily life and you'll be made to feel really welcome by the general people you meet. In terms of sights alone, Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s influential draw and most impressive showstopper. Come and embark on this Silk route tour which is blessed with diverse landscapes. Book your Uzbekistan holiday package with us.

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