12 Most Beautiful Streets In The World

Traveling is all about exploring the place and its rich history and culture. But as they say, sometimes small things make up the biggest impression in your life. What I mean is, when you travel to a new city or a country, try to visit and experience the smallest of its parts to fully experience the place at its best. This can include the local shops, the alleys and streets, markets, etc. Streets are one of the most important parts of any city as we all know. And while you travel to see the new places, you must also explore the amazing streets that can give you the experience of your life.
Here is a list of 12 most beautiful streets in the world -

Thumb champs elysees
1) Champs – Elysees, Paris – Known as the fashion capital, this street in Paris is one of the most popular tourist places in Paris. The street is full of lights in the evening with hundreds of shops to satisfy your shopping buds. This street is 1.9 kilometres long and 70 metres wide.

Thumb fondamenta san mauro burano
2) Fondamenta San Mauro, Burano – One of the prettiest streets in Burano, all you can find here are the colourful houses and canals full of small fishing boats. Normally occupied with individuals activity during the day, but full of lights at night. 

Thumb rue principale
3) Rue Principale, Eze – This street is perched high on the French Riviera, with its ancient medieval vibes. Strolling down these streets literally take you back in time and history.

Thumb lombard street
4) Lombard Street, San Francisco – One of the most attractive streets as observed in numerous Hollywood movies, Lombard is loaded with crisscrosses that is without a doubt going to hypnotize you.

Thumb portobello road

5) Portobello Road, London – Known as the famous main street of charming neighbourhood of London, Notting Hill. The street is full of different coloured Victorian houses. Also, every Saturday there is a market which attracts hundreds of shoppers to street making it one of the busiest streets that day.

Thumb the agora molyvos
6) The Agora, Molyvos – If you are on the Greek island of Lesvos, make sure to visit the famous Agora which is a charming cobbled road that is under a canopy of purple wisteria that seems to be blooming throughout the year. Taking a stroll down the street truly feels like walking with nature.

Thumb riva del ferro
7) Riva Del Ferro, Venice – It is one of the most beautiful streets bordering the Grand Canal in Venice. Taking an evening stroll here can let you experience the architectural marvel of the buildings while seeing the magical gondola rides passing by.

Thumb 5th avenue
8) 5th Avenue, New York – The name itself speaks for the luxury and style, the street offers, Based in New York, the street has some of the most fashionable boutiques and their spectacular window displays to boggle your mind.

Thumb the shambles
9) The Shambles, New York – Undoubtedly one of the most amazing streets in New York, this one feels like a dream come true. The whole ambience of the street is straight out of Harry Potter novels.

Thumb rua da bica de duarte lisbon
10) Rua Da Bica De Duarte, Lisbon – Easily one of the most photographed streets in Lisbon, this street has a beautiful descend that makes it more attractive.

Thumb celetna street
11) Celetna Street, Prague - Known as one of the most beautiful and notable streets in Prague, the street is full of baroque palaces and mansions.

Thumb the strip las vegas

12) The Strip, Las Vegas – If you truly wish to live a dreamy and stylish nightlife, the Strip is a perfect place for you. This street is home to some of the giant hotels, opulent monuments and mind blowing casinos.
Thus, next time you plan your holidays to any of this place, make sure to visit these beautiful streets to experience the different side of such place.

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