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A range of snow-capped mountains with Deodar trees touching the sky and a sparkling water stream flowing right beside your feet. Yes, this is Himachal Pradesh!

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The land of Kings as known, Rajasthan has a great history! Mostly covered by desert, the state also has forests that are flourishing with distinct species of plants, insects, and animals too. Not only the people of Rajasthan were great warriors, they surprised with their architectural and scientific wonders like Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar.

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The beauty of Pune not only lies in its forts but also in its surrounding. Surrounded by the lush green Sahyadris which was also known as Benevolent Mountains. Beaches and rivers, mountains and valleys, the west of India have everything within. From the view of the sunset from a mountain to the foggy atmosphere in the rains!

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