9 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Manali


Manali is the hilly town located in Northern part of India, a hill station blanked in white snow midst of hilly mountains. Moreover, dreamy land of wonder with flawless beauty waiting on every corner. Every traveller boasts about Manali a bit more than any other tourist place in India. And, why not? Its picturesque appearance of mountains and valleys is filled with enlightenment and peace.

Usually, backpackers come to rejuvenate themselves in hippie villages, honeymooners find melodious in the lap of nature and trekkers pump their bodies with some thrilling adventure activities. If you belong from any above category then need not worry we will tell you exactly 9 Places To Visit In Manali which will complete your Manali vacation.


Tibetan Monasteries


Manali has many colorful Tibetan monasteries that symbolize the rich culture and traditions and historical past of the Tibetan people settled down in Manali. There are basically two main monasteries in Manali that attract a large number of tourists-the Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa and the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa. Such monasteries are in the middle of several small stores selling beautiful handicrafts and rugs, produced by Tibetan people living nearby these monasteries. The art paintings inside this kind of buildings portray events from Lord Buddha's daily life and the Kalachakra, i .e., the wheel of life set on the wall of the monastery demonstrates the human life cycle. The Buddhists think that rotating these wheels gives your salvation.


Old Manali


Far from the buzz and bustle that Manali holds. Old Manali is comparatively quieter and offers peaceful lap for backpackers and travellers who wish to rewind and rejuvenate along with nature’s melody. Hadimba Temple, which was built in the 16th century, is one among the best places to visit in Manali and is situated in the midst a beautiful deodar jungle on the top of a mountain in Manali. The serenity of Old Manali is actually unique. The swaying eucalyptus, subtly winding roads, gushing waters of the Kullu river and delightful mountains of this destination allow it to be the ideal natural escape. Luxuriate in some yummy continental meals at low prices here, and go shopping for knick-knacks from the local marketplaces here. The sunrise and sunsets here are invigorating, therefore you will surely appreciate the vitality of this location. Tucked away in the lap of peaceful nature, this getaway is the ideal place to experience the sheer ambience of Himachal Pradesh.




Around two kilometers north of Manali, on the hillside above the Beas River, Vashisht Town is a somewhat quieter and more modest version of Old Manali alongside a popular travellers’ chill-out. Indian travellers mainly come to soak in the hot springs and then visit the historic temples, although foreign tourists mostly come for the low-cost lodging, cold environment and landscape. Visit Vashist to rewind and rejuvenate your body by diving into an open pool that is also a sulphurous hot-spring. Wander around the town for delicious continental style food, every corner is the grandeur of old realm.


Rohtang - La Pass


Only 50 km to the north of Manali lies the world’s fourth highest pass, dangerous and equally rewarding for the trekkers and bikers. The title Rohtang means ‘the land of the corpse”. Why? Due to people dying in bad weather trying to cross the pass. Besides, it connects two beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh – Manali and Lahaul & Spiti. Almost 4000 meters above sea level, the pass provides a breathtaking scene of glaciers, mountain peaks, along with the gushing Chandra River. As a matter of fact, A visit to this exotic pass is truly one of the things about Manali tourism. Experience thrilling skiing and sledding adventure near the pass.


Himalayan National Park

The newest addition to the list of National parks in India, The Great Himalayan National Park is quickly becoming what the wildlife scene in the region is being defined by. This stunning park is home to around 400 species of beautiful Himalayan fauna and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Manali. In addition, the park offers great trek routes. Try camping inside the park. It is an unforgettable experience.


Snow Valley (Solang Valley)

While traveling to Manali for a holiday, 2 extremely important attractions in the itinerary are Rohtang and Solang Valley. Fourteen kilometers to the north-west of the core town of Manali, Solang Valley is one among the most famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Located on the way to Rohtang from Manali, each year the valley welcomes travelers in large numbers. A favorite for adventure enthusiasts, Parachuting to paragliding, horse riding to driving mini-open jeeps specially available for tourists of all age groups, Solang has it all.

Throughout winters, as the valley is covered with snow, skiing or snowboarding is a popular sport here, with coaching institutes and instructors located in the valley to guide skiers and train newbies. As the snow melts, snow skiing is taken over by zorbing.



This town in Kullu is a bit of shift in the globe as we see it. You will discover around 200-300 stone roof homes sheltering 1500 people in this town which is one of its types. The location is well known as a 'junkie's haven'. The residents of Malana say Greek ancestry and also speak a language, Kanashi, spoken nowhere else in the world. The people of Malana are welcoming however at the same time, extremely protective of their traditions. There is a long list of dos and don'ts for tourists traveling to the area including not touching anything in the village. The village follows its own democratic set up with a village council and the head of this council is supposed to be possessed by the spirit of Jamlu Devta - the god they worship.




Naggar is an unexplored and modest town in the Kullu district that gives you time to relax in the mountains, valleys, lush greenery and the River Beas. There is not much to do here and Naggar comes with little on his list of must-visit locations. Therefore, you can enjoy your break at this mountain station as you wish. You can also enjoy trekking and camping in the area. There is also a hot spring here. Apart from these natural treasures, the town of Naggar also has a castle, Naggar Fort, which has now been converted into a heritage hotel and tends to be the most popular tourist resort here. The castle also houses the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery, which was once the residence of the Russian artist. You can browse through a number of rare works of art, the private spaces and collectibles of the artists. An equally rare side of the architecture is the Tripura Sundari Temple, a pagoda-shaped wooden temple and the Jagatipatt Temple, which alternately consists of Deodar wood and is thus earthquake-proof. Also visit the Gauri Shankar Temple, which has some fascinating stonework and a medieval influence on its architecture.




Kothi Village is a picturesque village located about 15 kilometers from Manali in the foothills of the Rohtang Pass. The village is an ideal destination for camping and attracts tourists to adventure and recreational activities from around the world. The magnificent view of the natural landscape that surrounds the town charms everyone who explores the location. Most hikers on their way to the Rohtang Pass often camp in the town. You can get a beautiful view of the snowy peaks, the Beas River, and the glaciers. One of the most interesting features is the view of the Beas River that flows through a deep and narrow gorge. The breathtaking view is worth witnessing and capturing in photographs. Kothi Village is a perfect attraction for nature lovers.

Kothi Village is located at an altitude of about 2600 meters above sea level. In addition to campers and hikers, it is also frequently visited by artists seeking inspiration and tranquility. The scenic beauty of the location has also been featured in several poems written by famous poets, by writers who can not get enough of the beautiful village and has also appeared in Bollywood films. A village is a perfect place for painters since the natural landscape has a series of majestic frames to offer. Hikers also climb up the gorge. The region receives snowfall during winters but is not as crowded as the Solang Valley. Therefore, it is a perfect escape from the overcrowded areas of Manali that tourists can explore.

The images are provided by the wanderer and photographer Anuket Shukla(explorer_explore), He ’s a nomadic soul and always capture something unreal, but beautiful at the extent of varying locus. His pictures provide a perfect glimpse of beautiful landscapes in Manali. Follow him on Instagram (@explorer_explore) to see and experience his unrivaled journey to the unrealistic beauty of India and world.

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