Best Weekend Getaways Near Pune

Pune is known to be the cultural hub of Maharashtra. Why shouldn't it be? From wadas to forts, Pune has everything near it! It all started long ago. The forts were built by the great warriors 400 to 500 years before. The beauty of Pune not only lies in its forts but also in its surrounding. Surrounded by the lush green Sahyadris which was also known as Benevolent Mountains. The Western Ghats situated on the western coast of India has many breathtaking places to visit. Sahyadri starts from Maharashtra till down south, Kerala. Beaches and rivers, mountains and valleys, the west of India have everything within.
There are spots for an adventure junkie to a person who just wants to laze around. Various trekking destinations are available which might give a trekker an adrenaline rush. From the view of the sunset from a mountain to the foggy atmosphere in the rains! There are various one day trip and weekend getaways near Pune within 100 km and 200 km.

Here is the list of 19 places for experiencing these things:

Sinhagad Fort
Located at distance of 40 km from the city center, Sinhagad fort has a very interesting history! In the era of Mughals, a great warrior named Tanaji Malusare lost his life in the battle of Sinhagad. Shivaji Maharaj said ‘Gad ala, pan sinha gela’ which means ‘We won the fort, but we lost the Lion’, hence the name Sinhagad. Sinhagad is always the best option for anyone in Pune for a one-day getaway.

Lavasa is a planned city about 70 km away from Pune. It looks like a small European Town. With a small lake, the city is very amazingly structured! One can enjoy various sports and other activities with their friends and family. All the age groups find something for themselves at this place.

Despite being a very old and famous destination, it never fails to please. Situated 70 km away from the city, Lonavala is an all-time favorite place to visit. It is like a mandatory thing to at least visit Lonavala once in the rainy season. The road to Lonavala is pretty smooth and wide! It is the best route for a long ride or a drive from Pune. Also, the chikkis from Lonavala is very famous.

Mulshi Lake
A 2 hours drive is what it takes to reach this beautiful lake 80 km away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Surrounded by mountains, Mulshi Lake sits perfectly in the lap of the Sahyadris. Sitting on the bed of the lake watching the sunset is a blissful experience. Of course, the rains make the place heaven, but it can be chosen at any time. If this isn’t enough, then one can camp at the bedside of the lake for the whole night!

It takes 60 km to reach this fort from the city. One can drive till the fort or travel by the local train from Pune Station to Malavali. Elevated at a height of 3,389 ft above sea level, it is adjacent to the Visapur Fort. Interestingly, it is also called as Vinchutaka because it looks like a Scorpion tail. It is the perfect place near Pune for one day trip.

Pawna Lake
Best known for the night camps, Pawna Lake is a must visit if you want to spend your Saturday night besides the lake with your loved ones. There are many camping organizations which conduct these night camps. Also, they offer very delicious barbeque for the dinner while sitting around a campfire. Imagine waking up beside a lake with a hot cup of tea or coffee! Yes, one can experience all this here at Pawna Lake. Pawna lake is situated 65 km away from Pune at the backwater of Pawna Dam.

Rajmachi Fort
Famous for the fireflies, Rajmachi fort has attracted a great number of people. Usually, it requires to trek at the night time to watch these beautiful fireflies! Located 85 km away from the city of Pune, Rajmachi is one of the perfect weekend getaways from Pune within 100 km.

Tamhini Ghat
With eye-catching waterfalls, Tamhini Ghat is a great monsoon destination! Located 60 km from the city, Tamhini Ghat is present in between Mulshi and Tamhini. The season is no barrier to visit this place becoming one of the places to visit near Pune in the summer! The atmosphere can be enjoyed all over the year though it is amazing to be here in the rains.

Khandala a place 70 km far from Pune. It falls on the way to Mumbai. Always loaded with vehicles, it still is the best place to visit near Pune. Covered by greenery in the monsoons, sipping a cup of chai with some pakoras is what it makes this place all-time favorite.

Junnar Caves
Filled up with history, Junnar Caves is a place in Junnar city 100 km from Pune. It is a Buddhist pilgrimage but visited by various people with different religious belief. Beautifully crafted architecture and clean carvings are admirable!

Well, who doesn’t love a place which offers peace! The answer is Matheran. Basically, near to Mumbai, Matheran gets a huge number of tourist from and around Pune. The fascinating thing is the toy train! The toy train takes you all over the Matheran hill. The best time is monsoon and people choose this as a weekend getaway near Pune.

This place is less known with Mahableshwar being so close to it. Recently tourist turn is turning towards Panchgani due to less crowd. Panchgani is a hill station surround 5 beautiful mountains Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat. Not only is it covered by these majestic mountains, but it has also Krishna river flowing freely by its side! Interestingly, it is just 104 km away with a 2 hours drive from the Pune city!

Placed between Mumbai - Goa Highway, Kolad has become a favorite destination for adventure enthusiast! River rafting in Kundalika river is so famous that people come from far to experience this. Located at a distance of 120 km far from Pune, Kolad falls in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. No wonder it is one of the places to visit near Pune within 200 km!

Best known for strawberries, Mahabaleshwar has always been the most favorite place to visit near Pune and Mumbai. Nestled in the laps of Sahyadris in Maharashtra, it never lets anyone down! Summers can get really harsh in Maharashtra and people need a feel of coolness at this time. Wonderful strawberry and mulberry farms, those beautiful sunset points, boat ride in the Venna lake, visit the most famous Mapro Garden not to forget the Lingmala waterfalls and Krishna Temple. Mahabaleshwar is the birthplace of the mighty Krishna river! Considering such amazing things, why wouldn't it be the best place to visit near Pune in summers?

Malshej Ghat
Who would have thought that a mountain pass can be so cheerful! Malshej Ghat is situated in between Mumbai and Pune at distance of 120 km from Pune. Blessed with varied flora and fauna, the road feels as if this is what heaven might look like! It is a blissful sight, especially in the monsoon.

Kaas Plateau
How can anyone miss this place after knowing it is listed under UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site! Covered by more than 850 different species of flowering plants including few carnivorous plants in 10 square kilometers of area, the view is eye-catching! It is the best place for one day trip near Pune! Of course, colorful butterflies and insects are attracted towards these many varieties of flowers.

One of the twelve jyotirlingas, Bhimashankar is located at 111 km from the Pune city. There flows a river named Bhima near the temple. This place is full of devotees throughout the year! Not only it is a religious place, the serenity in the forest of Bhimashankar gives mental peace. It is a place filled up with spirituality!

Isn’t it amazing that a beach is just 175 km away from Pune? Harihareshwar has become the best getaway for the weekend near Pune. A place with the least crowd, Harihareshwar has 2 beaches, north, and south. Both are amazingly beautiful with their peculiar beauty with black sand. Also, the waves are calm and silent that is just so relaxing. If you get bored with the beach which is highly impossible, one can always go and visit the Kal Bhairav and the Shiva Temple.

Welcomed by tall trees and an open sea view, Kashid beach is a splendid location for a weekend getaway near from Pune. Kashid area serves fabulous and delicious fish dishes along with rice or roti made of rice. The beach is not so much popular yet and is the best option for someone who likes to be away from the hustle bustle noisy places! So why not choose this place as the next weekend destination which is just 175 km from Pune?

Every person needs a break from the hectic life. A small holiday is that what is needed every now and then. When there are such amazing places within two to three hours of drive from Pune, why not just pack up and leave?



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