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Every one of us dreams of taking a foreign trip at least once in a lifetime. Also, depending on the budget we have to look for a perfect travel destination that fulfills all the desires of an abroad trip. Well, with the recent development in travel and the tourism industry, it is very much possible for every Indian to take a trip to another part of the world, easily. With the increase in tourism development, many South East Asian countries offer quite an experience for the Indian travelers who are planning to take a vacation.
Visa is also a very important aspect of knowing before visiting any international holiday destination. Sometimes, it is quite problematic to get your visa done and then leave for your big planned trip. But with the recent laws and development, many countries offer on-arrival visas for Indian passport holders, which reduce your headache of getting a visa before leaving. Also, many of these destinations are easy on your pockets as compared to European countries or America. You should exactly know where to spend your ideal vacation in a more economical and fun way.
Here is a list of ideal international destinations for Indians -

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1) Seychelles - Tired of watching those photos of pristine blue water beaches? Well, Seychelles is among the perfect options for your foreign trip. The exotic island in the Indian ocean is still unpopular and beautiful with its blue water beaches and dense green forests. A perfect trip to Seychelles and back would cost you approximately Rs 50-60,000.

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2) Cambodia – Cambodia, being a totally off-beat place earlier, is now a hot spot on travelers map. With the extreme cheap accommodations and food, you can spend a week lazing around the ancient temples and vast lands of Cambodia to get yourself lost in the history. Also, the world famous Angkor Wat is a must visit, if you go here. Cambodia has fairly cheap accommodation rates. Also, you can enjoy amazing food at very low prices. A trip to Cambodia and back would cost you approximately Rs 55-65,000.

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3) Singapore - Singapore is among the favourite destinations of people travelling to abroad for the first time. It is perfect to satisfy your all expectations from the first vacation abroad. Singapore has got a lot to offer right from nature, culture, cuisines, modern structures, monuments and beaches. Also, experience the world famous Universal Studios here to satisfy the movie buff in you. 

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4) Hungary – Hungary is a perfect destination to get a taste of Europe. With the extensive history of the city and different architectures and monuments, Hungary has everything to make your vacation a perfect one. This is one of the places Indians should really explore as there is a lot to see. Enjoy the perfect sunsets at Danube River, explore the streets of Budapest and enjoy the tasting of local wine at Badascony Hill. All in all, Hungary is a perfect a pocket-friendly destination with everything as compared to other European countries.

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5) Thailand – Thailand is the king of all destinations when it comes to taking a foreign trip. The land of green curries, pristine beaches, national parks and much more is a dream the destination for many. Also, there are endless options of exploring the city streets, doing your shopping, having amazing food and meeting some of the most hospitable people ever in your life. And in case you get bored seeing the city, Thailand has also got pristine blue water islands of Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi to satisfy your wanderlust. All in all, Thailand is a power packed destination which is a must visit for Indians planning to take their international vacation.
Thus, with a bit of research and proper information, you can easily plan your dream vacation to any of these ideal international destinations. 

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