Top Destinations To Travel In The US

America is undoubtedly amongst the top most visited destinations in the whole world. Beside Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone National Park this country has so much to offer to the tourist that a single vacation is not enough to see all of it. You need to travel intensively to see every corner of it. While every place you visit here is one of the best destinations you will ever visit, there are certain places you must visit on your holidays to the USA.
Here is a list of top best destinations to visit in the USA - 

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1) New York – One of the most popular and populated city in USA, New York is an unquestionable must see for anyone. There are numerous tall skyscrapers, endless shopping streets, rich culture preserved in museums and art galleries and much more. This city never sleeps and Times Square is evenly among the best spot in New York it a must visit place in the evening for the best show. Thus, with all of it, New York is easily one of the best cities to visit in the US.

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2) Orlando – Home of the magic kingdom, Orlando is definitely one of the most favourite destination for family holidays. It is the home of world famous theme parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld & Universal Studios. To have endless fun with your friends as well as your family this city must be on your visit list while you are in the United States. Orlando also has a lot of Disney theme parks which are absolutely fun to go.

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3) Las Vegas – Known as the well-known clubhouse capital of US, Las Vegas is an incredible city to have delicious food, do some high-end shopping and try your hand out at casinos. You must visit the MGM Grand to see the grandeur of the hotel, alongside a hand on attempting the gambling club amusements. Also, if you wish you do some shopping, then you must visit the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shop. The night life here in the city is one of the best. Consequently, with all the glamour and beauty, Las Vegas is absolutely among the best cities to visit in the US. 

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4) Los Angeles - If you are truly a cinematic buff, then Los Angeles is a dream come true for you. With its posh and luxurious houses, Los Angeles is home to the famous Hollywood. Also, while you are here, do not miss the world famous star of fame and Beverly Hills tour to see the gorgeous celebrity houses tucked on a hill. Venice Beach is another must visit to relax while Rodeo Drive is one-stop for all of your shopping needs. Los Angeles is thereby, definitely among the best places to travel in the US. 

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5) Denver – Denver is among the most beautiful cities you will visit in the US. Do not forget to visit the botanical gardens to see the variety of plants. Also, the famous Denver Zoo is an exceptional experience here. And when you are done touring the natural beauty of the city, visit the Buffalo Bill Museum to experience some rich history.

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6) Hershey – Known as the famous city for chocolates, Hershey is a treat for chocolate lovers. While you are here, do not forget to visit the Hershey Park to enjoy a great walk down the natural beauty. Also, to satisfy your taste buds, visit the chocolate world, which is a fun place for the whole family. And if you wish to indulge yourself in a sport or two, Hershey has some of the most beautiful golf courses. Thus, with all of its natural beauty and world famous chocolates, Hershey is definitely among the best destination to visit in the US.

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7) San Francisco - San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California and best known for Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and cable cars. Tourist can drive or walk around this bridge and experience the majestic views. This is a city where the climate changes spontaneously, the area has an attractive charm that extends beyond the Bay to distinct cities with nightlife and delicious cuisine.

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